About the ICAC

International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian CCI (the ICAC) is a flagship institution among the arbitration institutions in Central and Eastern Europe and a recognized arbitration institution worldwide.

Launched in 1992, this year the ICAC celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The ICAC reinforces the leading international arbitration standards in Ukraine and offers arbitration services which transform arbitrating disputes into a comfortable, efficient, fast and transparent process.

Five reasons to choose the ICAC

  1. 1. Experience

The ICAC is one of the most experienced arbitration institutions in the Eastern European region

  • The ICAC arbitrators are the leading lawyers from 35 countries, recommended in arbitration by the international legal directories Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 and are able to professionally render and consider disputes.
  • The ICAC considers cases over foreign economic contracts. In the last 25 years the ICAC has considered and rendered awards in more than 11000 cases. The ICAC registers on average from 300 to 600 cases annually.
  1. 2. Fees

The transparent and competitive arbitration and the duration of considering cases

  • The transparent and predictable arbitration that is in average 3,5 times more competitive than the fee for the similar services of the arbitration institutions in Central and Western Europe.
  • No additional charges needed in case of filling a petition for taking security measures.
  • Halls for oral hearings, audio and video equipment and other office services are provided at no additional cost.
  1. 3. Efficiency

The ICAC provides efficient consideration of the cases

  • The duration of consideration of approximately 95% of the cases is less than half a year. The duration of consideration of 80% of the cases is no longer than 3 months, approximately 1% of the cases are considered for more than 12 months.
  • On average only 2.5% of the ICAC arbitral awards are challenged, and only 1% of arbitral awards are set aside.
  • The ICAC arbitral awards are enforced across 110 countries.
  1. 4. Meeting the needs of the parties

The ICAC arbitral procedures meet the needs of the parties

  • An efficient and clear procedure allows the parties to participate in arbitration with no involvement of external lawyers.
  • High level of support provided to the parties and arbitrators by the ICAC Secretariat.
  • Legal monopoly does not apply to the business interests at the ICAC.
  1. 5. Comfort

The ICAC offers the parties comfortable arbitration conditions

  • Convenient location for the users: Kyiv – a centre between Europe and Asia – offers a great air connection with most European and CIS capitals, more competitive accommodation costs as well as incomparable cultural and historical heritage of the Slavic nation.
  • The ICAC provides comfortable meeting and conference rooms, audio and video equipment, office services, assistance with other logistics (translation, lunch, etc.) at no additional cost.


International Commercial Arbitration Court
at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

33, Velyka Zhytomyrska Street
Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine
+380 44 586-51-87
+380 67 239-56-77
+380 50 352-36-96
[email protected]

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